Below is an overview of costs for teams that are buying a robot for the first time (first column), and for teams that already have a robot (second column).

Buying Robot

Already Have Robot





LEGO Robot Set

The same robot can be used year after year, so this is a one-time purchase. This dollar amount is for robots purchased through FIRST and also includes a recommended but optional ($110)Expansion Set.  Robots can also be purchased through LEGO Education and retail stores at various price points.




National Team Registration

This is an annual fee paid to FIRST LEGO League national office, and returning teams must register each year. This fee includes the Field Challenge set ($95).  For each team you register you will receive a challenge set, but you can opt out of the sets for additional teams.



Field Setup Kit

The field set up consists of a 4'x8' mat, LEGOs and instructions for building the playing field pieces.

Coaches or schools with more than one team do not need to buy multiple field setup kits.  Teams can share. This decreases national registration by $75 for each additional team.



Competition Fee

In Georgia there are three levels of competition: Regional, Super-Regional and the State Competition.  Your fee covers one Regional tournament and if you qualify to advance it will cover the other levels.



















Additional Costs

Additional costs include a competition board (approx $100 to build) transportation, team T-shirts and items for goody swaps at competitions.  If T-shirts are outside of your team's budget, school uniform shirts, plain but matching shirts and even silly hats can suffice.  Items for goody swaps could be pencils with school names, team buttons or treat bags.  Not all competitions include goody swaps, so you should check with the event organizers in advance.

If your team is one of the State Championship Champions Award teams you may be invited to represent GA in a National Tournament.  These events can have a registration fee ranging from $500-$1500 and transportation/lodging costs which is above the costs mentioned above.