Getting Your Child Involved

FIRST LEGO League offers a wonderful opportunity for hands on learning, research, and development of original ideas.  The first step for families interested in getting their children involved is to look for teams in their area, and to be prepared to help start a new team. 

Identifying Teams in Your Area

For privacy reasons set forth by FIRST, Georgia Tech cannot release team contact information, but FIRST provides a search tool to help prospective members identify teams.  We suggest searching on both the current year and previous years, in case teams are still in the process of registering.  The look-up tool will provide the city name and team name.  It does not include school or organizational information, but teams are often named after their schools, school mascot, home-school association or scout troop number.

Team Look-up Tool

If your school has a team, you will need to find out how students are selected. FIRST LEGO League limits teams to ten students, so some teams have lotteries, some rely on teacher recommendations, and some have try outs.

Work with a Teacher to Get a Team Started

If your school does not yet have a team, a teacher may be interested in starting one.  The prospect of starting a new team can be daunting, but the help of a parent or guardian can provide the additional support the school needs to get started.  A little help can go a long way!

FIRST LEGO League outside of Schools

FIRST LEGO League is not limited to school-based teams.  Neighborhood associations, community centers, churches and scout troops organize teams.  Don’t be afraid to explore other options, and to find ways to start a LEGO League team in your neighborhood, organization or community center.