Click here to register your team in the local GA FLL system.

If you have questions about registration please email us at:fll@ceismc.gatech.edu.


Hello everyone,


We are back barring any COVID recurrences this fall.

There are once again Regional Competitions and Super-Regionals. They will be live events.

The State Tournament registration fee has returned to the BC (before COVID) $200 level for the year. The National fee remains unchanged.

State Registration payment needs to be encumbered by OCT 22, 2021.

Updates & reminders

We think that in order to help coaches feel more successful and able to help their teams that we also need to provide training sessions to help promote success. Coaches' training workshops are offered during the summer. We anticipate a few Saturday crash courses during the school year and longer, likely full week workshops in the Summer that will help coaches better understand the competition requirements and improve team capacity for competition. The GAFIRST Symposium will also have training sessions (https://gafirst.org/) in OCT.

If you are part of a school district that has multiple schools/teams participating and that is willing to pay for your fee, we have instituted a group payment method which has decreased the load on the county financial people as well as here.

Thank you for understanding and we hope to see everyone for the 2021-22 season.

National Registration is set to open later this year, check it out at www.firstinspires.org. Please remember the National Registration DOES NOT include the State Registration. They are separate and both need to be paid.



ALL events this year will require the Robot Executive Summary during the judging session. The Core Values Poster is optional. 

The Georgia Institute of Technology® is the Affiliate Partner for FIRST®LEGO® League. The Georgia Tech® Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics and Computing (CEISMC) facilitates the program for the Georgia Region and operates the State Championship event held at Georgia Tech®. All other events are operated by local hosts for the facilitation of the event.  The local event hosts are responsible for all tournament arrangements under the guidance of FIRST® LEGO® League protocols. To learn more about FIRST® visit www.firstinspires.org.