If you have questions about registration please email us at:fll@ceismc.gatech.edu.


Hello everyone, We hopefully have finalized our initial plans for the season and want to get them out to you. They remain somewhat fluid based on COVID-19 developments but are fairly settled barring any more surprises!

There will only be Regional Competitions this year, no Super-Regionals. They will be remote, no live face-to-face events.

The State Tournament registration fee has been lowered to $100 for this year. The National fee remains unchanged.

State Registration needs to be paid by Friday, Dec. 4, 2020.

Teams will upload their entries digitally (URL to come later) to include written documents of some sort (essay, .ppt, some form of what you want to express in each of the 3 judged areas plus an UNEDITED video of the best robot run).


*Project – written document explaining the problem, solution & how and with whom it was shared. Refer to the rubric to see what the judges will be evaluating. A summary video may be submitted as explained below.

*Robot Design – written document (Robot Executive Summary and/or Engineering Notebook) explaining the design & programming of the robot. Refer to the rubric to see what the judges will be evaluating. No video of any robot runs, judges will refer to the Robot Performance video to see it if they choose. An explanation may be added to the summary video describing the design process for the design, construction & programming of the robot and submitted as explained below.

*Core Values – Teams should incorporate Core Values indicators into their Project & Robot Design presentations.                                            i.e. “After researching (the problems) we had identified, we discussed (their merits/demerits) and, as a team, reached consensus as to which to use for our Project.” “We were asked by rookie team #987654 for help and we explained how to program their color sensor to follow a line.” Refer to the CV rubric and work an explanation into the appropriate document explaining how you demonstrated CV. A summary video may be submitted as explained below.

*Robot Performance – one UNEDITED, UNINTERRUPTED video showing the robot navigating the field in a static wide shot of the entire table as the robot progresses (SAMPLE VIDEO created by FRC team 4509 "The Mechanical Bulls" of Lanier HS). Video should show the robot in the appropriate sizing area of Home Base with a ruler standing next to it vertically, then leaving the launch zone and returning to Home Base for the entire 2:30. After the robot has completed its run, the camera should NOT be turned off but move to show closeups of each scoring mission preferably in the order the missions were attempted, ending at the precision token box. Best placement of the camera would be where no one will block its view of the table at any time. Video should be time & date stamped.


Optional Summary Video – Teams may include a video of one or more of their judged entries (this can be edited) not to exceed 5 minutes total length (it can be less). For example, 5 minutes for a Project skit or 2 minutes explaining the robot programming + 2 minutes for a Project skit + 1 minute describing how your team demonstrates core values.

Regional submissions should be uploaded no later than 5pm Fri. JAN 29, 2021.

Regionals will feed directly into the State Championships which is also planned to be remote at this time, this could change if the pandemic abates but only if school systems lift their directives against student activity travel.

Team advancement to States will be announced by Mon. FEB 8, 2021. This will allow enough time to evaluate all the entries.

State judged submissions will be due Fri. FEB 26, 2021 including Robot Performance videos (this is a change from earlier postings). This will allow plenty of time for advancing teams to prepare their state submissions and run a new Robot Performance video (teams CANNOT submit their Regional Robot Performance video as the State video, it must be date-stamped after FEB 01, 2021). 

A live online awards event will be broadcast on Sat. MAR 13, 2021.

Updates & reminders

We think that in order to help coaches feel more successful and able to help their teams that we also need to provide training sessions to help promote success. Coaches training workshops are offered during the summer. We anticipate a few Saturday crash courses during the school year and longer, likely full week workshops in the Summer that will help coaches better understand the competition requirements and improve team capacity for competition.

If you are part of a school district that has multiple schools/teams participating and that is willing to pay for your fee, we have instituted a group payment method which has decreased the load on the county financial people as well as here.

Thank you for understanding and we hope to see everyone for the 2020 season.

National Registration is set to open in May, check it out at www.firstinspires.org. Please remember the National Registration DOES NOT include the State Registration. They are separate and both need to be paid.



ALL events this year will require the Robot Executive Summary during the judging session. The Core Values Poster is optional. 

The Georgia Institute of Technology® is the Affiliate Partner for FIRST®LEGO® League. The Georgia Tech® Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics and Computing (CEISMC) facilitates the program for the Georgia Region and operates the State Championship event held at Georgia Tech®. All other events are operated by local hosts for the facilitation of the event.  The local event hosts are responsible for all tournament arrangements under the guidance of FIRST® LEGO® League protocols. To learn more about FIRST® visit www.firstinspires.org.