General Criteria & Team Essentials

Boys setting up for FLL TournamentBelow are general criteria and team essentials for prospective teams.

  • Ages 9-14.
  • 2 to 10 members per team.
  • The team will need room for a 4'x 8' playing field mat. Between practices playing field mats can be stored rolled up, unrolled under furniture (which keeps them nice and flat), or taped to plywood and stored upright.
  • Each team needs at least one robot.  Robots can be purchased through the FLL registration site, through LEGO Education and through retailers.  Earlier robot models, which include the NXT can also be used in the competition.
  • Each team needs a laptop that can be brought to competitions, and software for their robot.  Software is included with robots purchased through FLL and commercial retailers.
  • Teams can build playing field tables from plywood and 2x3s, so their practice fields are more like the competition fields.

For a detailed introduction to starting a team, please visit the FIRST LEGO League website below.
Starting a Team