We have been monitoring events as the spring has progressed, been in consultation and have currently worked through two scenarios for how the season might have to be conducted this fall.

Option “A” is there will be no change and the season will progress as in previous years. $200 registration fee for the local season (covers Regional, Super Regional & State events).

Option “B” would be virtual (details are still being formulated) at a discounted registration cost.

The decision as to which option will be utilized would be made around October 1, 2020 before local registration opens.

The option chosen would be for the entire region, we will NOT conduct open events in one area of the state and closed events in another.

We are aware the decision might be made for us if the virus resurfaces and the state or schools impose restrictions. We will follow what our local leaders dictate.

More news for the summer of 2020:

As many of you know we like to keep you informed of any changes that will be in place for the coming year as early as possible so that you can plan accordingly. 

I have opted in to an experimental showcase developed by FIRST called,


wait for it,


FIRST LEGO League Showcase


It will be open to any team that was registered and paid with FIRST for the City Shaper season. It will open the second week of June when I will send all the coaches from last season various links describing how to log in and participate. It is a virtual showcase where you can upload your work to display to others for comment and look at their work and comment on it. Please see if your team is interested in participating as I suspect there are future plans for this platform beyond displaying last year’s work.


Updates & reminders


Local Registration fee change - the cost for local registration in GA increased to $200 last year and covers all levels of participation with one payment. This payment will need to be arranged before the competition season starts (by November 20, 2020). This was done to help with a number of issues: the time to process multiple payments on both the coach and our end. This also allows us to have a dedicated FLL coordinator to help manage the program and offer training events which have already started taking place.

We think that in order to help coaches feel more successful and able to help their teams that we also need to provide training sessions to help promote success. Coaches training workshops will be offered this summer and plans are currently being developed for both face-to-face and on-line delivery options depending on the COVID-19 virus status. We anticipate a few Saturday crash courses during the school year and longer, likely full week workshops in the Summer that will help coaches better understand the competition requirements and improve team capacity for competition.

We also developed tournament schedules to create a means for teams to have 4 robot runs at the Regional level. This provides more opportunities for scores and allows more students to potentially have the opportunity to run the robot during competition.

If you are part of a school district that has multiple schools/teams participating and that is willing to pay for your fee, we have instituted a group payment method which has decreased the load on the county financial people as well as here.

Thank you for understanding and we hope to see everyone for the 2020 season.

National Registration is set to open in May, check it out at www.firstinspires.org. Please remember the National Registration DOES NOT include the State Registration. They are separate and both need to be paid.

Georgia Local Registration will open in October.



ALL events this year will require the Robot Executive Summary during the judging session. The Core Values Poster is optional. 

The Georgia Institute of Technology® is the Affiliate Partner for FIRST®LEGO® League. The Georgia Tech® Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics and Computing (CEISMC) facilitates the program for the Georgia Region and operates the State Championship event held at Georgia Tech®. All other events are operated by local hosts for the facilitation of the event.  The local event hosts are responsible for all tournament arrangements under the guidance of FIRST® LEGO® League protocols. To learn more about FIRST® visit www.firstinspires.org.